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Why Kafka?
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The exact date of making the Why Kafka? band is not knowh to mankind. It might be so that it is still emerging. The band started as a trio but in last two years the band works as a quartet. Their debut album was published in 2017 by Metropolis Music from Belgrade, and the producer was Vlada Novicic, a well respescted musician and author in Serbia. It's a digital edition of the album and can be found on all known digital platforms such as deezer, itunes, spotify etc. Curently the band is preparing for recording their 2nd album. Their music has not yet been named by any of musical genres, except that it is instrumental music. One can feel the influences of the 70's progressive music mixed with the modern sound of present times. People say that the band menaged to put together the Friponian King Crison and the modern J-Dilla. So3m critics call it Nu Jazz. Why Kafka? had numerous performances in Serbia and in region. Outside Serbia they performed in Transilvania on Roland Jazz Festival. In Serbia they performed in local Belgrade clubs and art centars and on many festivals such as Outhide Festival in Zajecar, Nishville Jazz Festival in Nish, Karusel Festival in Chachak, Dev9t Festival in Belgrade etc. Why Kafka? are Marko Panić on guitar, Ljubiša Milošević on drums, Siniša Hadži-Antić on bass and Aleksandar Jovan Krstić on EWI, keys and samples.

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Type of musician: Band
Technical rider (equipment needed): Bass - the bassist plays on two bass amplifiers (in a mixture paned completely), so it would be necessary to provide two bass amplifiers, as well as sound system for the same. The type of amplifier is Ampeg B115, Roland cube bass ... 2 channels in the mixer are neededElectric guitar - connects from the guitar processor ("balanced") directly to the mixer. 2 channels in the mixer are required.Keys - the connector is from the "line out" output with music cards. 2 channels in the mixer are required.Drum - must be adequately sounded (at least 8 channels)Depending on the distance and the equipment probided the band travels by airplane or by van or by car. The accomodation must be on the minimum level of hotel with 3 stars.
Belgrade Belgrade, Serbia .
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