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Velvet Project
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Velvet Project is a collaboration between Camille who is a French vocalist and Chris who is an English musician living in France. It is a band that is quickly evolving and open to collaboration with several musicians (we work with brass/percussion/guitarists all of whom play well and often feature themselves in festivals such as the Marciac jazz festival). Our music is a mix of soul/funk/RnB and explores all styles without any barriers to creativeness.

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Type of musician: Band, Duo / Trio
Technical rider (equipment needed): Equipment :– 4 micros chant : leading voice, harmonies (guitaristes, bassiste) – DI for the bass – 4 DI for 2 keyboards (stéréo) – 3 micros for brass– 2 ou 3 plugsockets– Minimum 2 different monitor mix for voice and instrumentsFor full band :– 2 micros pour repiquer les guitares – Micros drums (the drummer plays with a 5 piece kit)2 vegetarian meals
Saint-Pierre-du-Mont Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, France .
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