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Ste Sinclair
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Ste Sinclair is an artist, vocal producer & arranger hailing from one of music's most influential islands, Jamaica! Now by way of Brixton South London, Ste is a melting pot of creation - seamlessly blending culture experience and passion into everything he creates by combining 90's R&B, Trap, Soul, Gospel and more to produce a signature sound for your listening pleasure. Having over 10 years' experience in many facets of the music industry, Ste is a seasoned creative always willing and able to create a vibe, spread some love and positive vibrations when reaching the people whether on stage or in the studio. A "singer's singer," and an authentic creative. Known for his expansive range, unique melodies and intricate harmonies, Ste is ready to take the industry by storm!

Type of musician: Band, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Mic, amp, XLR cable - dependant on nature of request
London London, United Kingdom .
About the Artist

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