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Sofya Chekster
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Sofya Chekster began her musical path when she was 5. She started in Taganrog, her home city. She studied classical piano, but singing had always been her true love. Also she enjoyed composing different funny songs. Even then her potential was already noticeable. After school she studied in Rostov College of Arts, then in Rostov State Rakhmaninov Conservatory. And then after 3 years she entered the Dr. Langner Jazz Master Programm in HfMT Hamburg. JD Walter became her mentor there. The atmosphere of creativity in the University charged her up and so she started writing songs. And in a year she released her first album "Dream come true", which was written with musicians from Rostov. And in just another year now with the musicians from Moscow she released the second EP album "The land across the sea". Alina Engibaryan arranged this album.

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Type of musician: Band, Duo / Trio
Technical rider (equipment needed): Drums, piano, combo amp, 2 monitors, microphone (optionally), mixing console, 2 speakers (for non acoustic events). Sound engineer. Sound check 2 hours before the concert
Hamburg Hamburg, Germany .
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