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Shems Bendali
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Shems Bendali is a young artist who has a great deal to offer. At the end of his musical studies in 2018, he won the Cully Jazz Prize and decided to go to Berlin to look for inspiration and new collaborations. In March 2019, he released his debut album Choukheads, recorded with the Shems Bendali Quintet. Since then, the band has toured more than 25 venues in Switzerland, France and England. Motivated by the spiritual and practical value of art, Shems attempts to disprove the many stereotypes surrounding jazz and improvised music. He aspires to create an emotional and richly textured music in order to tell, in a poetic way, the story of his time : " A musicality honoring tradition without being stifled by it » says Le Temps.

Lausanne Lausanne, Switzerland .
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