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Sahar is a raw talent straight out of the Paris region. Descendant of the desert, neo-soul artist, she sings and writes her lyrics to take us into her very personal jazzy bubble. Cradled by hip-hop culture and inspired by the London scene, his music receives the rays of the sun and brings us the emotion and fragility of dawn in the sweetness of the night. Her suave and mature voice tells us about her experiences, her feelings and her moods, which she shares with us with humor and delicacy. After several years of searching for her way into the light, between small scenic and everyday performances, it was in 2018 that the charm kicked in when she opened a parade at Paris Fashion Week. This is followed by the release of two singles in 2019, "Little" & "Rock the block", which are just a taste of her debut EP "FOCUS" which will be released in 2020. A way for Sahar to present himself to the world and to introduce his audience to his lunar and poetic universe.

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Type of musician: Band, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): SOLO: A mic like Shure, A microphone support and feedback, A chair, A mixing table to connect my macbook. BAND : A piano support, an electric guitare support, a mic like Shure, a microphone support and feedback, a chair, a mixing table to connect my macbook. Could we also please have some water, drinks and food
Paris Paris, France .
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