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ROQUE - Songs of the composer and guitarist João Roque, where his influences of rock and jazz merge into a particular aesthetic, favoring captivating melodies and sound environments with a strong imagetic component.

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Type of musician: Band
Technical rider (equipment needed): For small rooms it is not necessary to amplify the instruments, in addition to our own guitar and double bass amplifiers. However, for performances in medium, large rooms, or outdoor concerts, extra amplification is required. In that case:PA + mix table1 mic for saxofone/clarinete1 mic for guitar amp1 mic/DI for bass ampMics for drums (bass drum, snare, hi-hat, overheads)4 individual stage monitorsAccomodations with 3stars or higher with breakfast included.Individual rooms required or at least double rooms with single beds. For concerts in Portugal or even Spain (near the portuguese borders) we can consider travelling with our cars but all the expenses must be paid by the client. All the expenses for accommodations, travelling and meals must be on clients behalf.For international concerts the client should plan & pay for the instruments and amp rentals. The rental instruments and amps should be chosen and approved by us.
Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal .
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