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Roni Martinez
Open 24/7

Mexican Dj & Producer based in Berlin. His music is a representation of who he is and his feelings plus what he is currently digging. A combination of EDM, Synthwave, and Urban Sounds. Always being authentic, honest, and diverse. Behind the decks he can go from chilling & vibing to burning the dancefloor, it depends on the event. He always will know how to adapt his set to every particular crowd. Playing mainly Edm and House curated by his own particular taste.

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Type of musician: DJ
Technical rider (equipment needed): Equipment: 2 Pioneer Cdj-900 (or newer) players + 1 Pioneer Djm-800 (or newer or similar) mixer. Hospitality: One family size Hawaiian pizza, One 1 liter orange Fanta, Two 1 liter bottles of distilled water, One pack of mint chewing gum. Travel conditions: if within or close to Berlin round uber trip. If inside Germany or internationally: Uber trip to the airport, train, or bus station. Only accepting traveling by train or bus if trip last 4 hours or less. Uber trip from airport/station to hotel or Airbnb (3-star hotel or better, Airbnb with not-shared flat or/and bathroom). Round uber trip to event and back to hotel or Airbnb. Uber trip to Airport/station. Uber trip back home.
Berlin Berlin, Germany .
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