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Palila is a classic 90's Indie rock band from Hamburg, Germany. The band formed in April 2019 and offer a wide range of sounds: From calm grooves and Neil-Young-references through lighthearted Grunge patterns up to their post-punk airiness which reminds one of Built to Spill.

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Type of musician: Duo / Trio
Technical rider (equipment needed): band brings own backline: guitar amp: fender bassman 50W (4 Ohm), bass amp: Ampeg V4-B SVT 212 AV Cabinetmicrophones that need to be provided:Bassdrum: 1 AKG D112 oder Shure Beta52 or similarSnare/Hi-Hat: 1 Shure SM57 or similarToms: 2 Shure SM57 or similarOverheads: 3 AKG C391 or similarBass Amp: mic or DIGit Amp: 1 Shure SM57 or similarVocals: 3x Shure SM58 or similar
Hamburg Hamburg, Germany .
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