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Nyotaa is a 22 year old R&B / Soul Pop, independent artist from Coventry, based in London, UK.
While making music with her brother Mokoy, together known as the silbing duo “IZEIDI IZEIDI’, nyotaa creates and performs popular sounds with a soulful voice
The Soul Pop artist released 3 new singles ‘H.U.S.B.A.N.D’ , ‘Come x Get It’ and ‘I Cant Wait’ which has been prompted a great response from supporters, getting them ready for her first solo LP '#twentyoneandlost'
2020 is looking bright for nyotaa, as she continues to work on her LP, planning upcoming tours and performs in popular events such as ‘Grl Gng’ and ‘Boudica Festival’ across the UK

London London, United Kingdom .
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