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noon is a reminder , that even in the darkest times , the sun will illuminate all things. The name was born of a need to create a mark of strength for those who want to be seen and heard. The singer/songwriter was born in Germany and raised in Spain , and spent her childhood and youth in a constant coming and going between both countries. Although being raised multilingual has opened many opportunities for her , she struggled to feel a sense of connection with her arabic roots and therefore her identity. noon’s music embodies her search for a sense of belonging , translating her honest lyrics into her melodic voice and varying between strong and deep electronic sounds and minimalistic arrangements . She sings about changing directions , about self-reflection , and her personal growth. Through her music , she is able to reveal her most authentic self and creates a safe space , where she turns her struggles into her biggest strength and uses her music to communicate with her audience. noon will take you on a journey , where the only language that counts is the one you do not have to speak , but to feel : music.

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Type of musician: Band, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): speakers , PA , mic stands ( depending on where we are playing and the band constellation) .hospitality and travel fees should be covered by the clients.
Berlin Berlin, Germany .
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