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natestapes is an up and coming vesitile young rapper, who can also sing, produce music, and play the piano. Up to this day, he has released of 50 songs, this includes 3 albums (2 of which are available on all digital platforms). Nate's music career began in 2017 when he released his debut album "Nate, and the Tale of the Mic". Since then he has gone from strength to strength, performing in various venues across London, writing and recording more and more songs and graduating from university with a degree in music production and performance. Nate's achievements and experiences shape him as an artist, and are fully reflected in his work. His music enables us to see every side of Nate, as he makes himself vulnerable by opening up about his feelings and his personal life, and aspect of music that is lost of most modern day commercial artists. Nate strives to achieve great things with music, as he wishes to help people and to change the world through his choice of wording. Every small ripple in the ocean can be the start of a tidal wave. Nate just keeps on working no matter what results come out of it.

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Type of musician: Band, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Microphone, Microphone stand, USB slot to play backing tracks, chair/stool.
London London, United Kingdom .
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