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Mike Rauss
Open 24/7

Mike Rauss plays Falafel pop, a diverse mix of music with influences from all over the world sprinkled with some shmaushmau, chickpeas, and much love. Yum yum in the tumtum. Together with his sister, they form the band KAYAM. My performance is also available with the cachet for the concerts, depending on the conditions as well. The base price is negotiable.

Music Video:
Type of musician: Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): 4 inputs in the Mixer (Loopstation Stereo, Guitar, Vocals), 2 Vocal Microphones, 2 Mic stands, 2 Electricity sockets, 3 D.I. Boxes (One for Split Guitar signal, so that the Guitar can be mixed separately to the Loopstation signal, as well as going into the Loopstation), 3 Jack Cables, 3 XLR Cables, Monitor Speaker
Berlin Berlin, Germany .
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