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Michael Brinkworth
Open 24/7

Berlin-based Australian folk troubadour Michael Brinkworth writes and sings in the tradition of the timeless greats. Constantly touring across Europe, Australia and North America, his backpack is stuffed full of heartfelt, road-worn songs. Rhythmic country guitar, entrancing harmonica and a soulful voice expose his vulnerable and sincere performances, as honest as an old pair of traveler’s boots.

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Type of musician: Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Preferably a PA with DI box to plug my guitar into, microphone and mic stand, unless it's an unplugged concert. If it is a long performance, some food and drinks would be preferable. Ideally , I would like my travel costs to be covered by the venue or event organiser, unless the fee is significant enough for me to cover those costs myself.
Berlin Berlin, Germany .
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