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Maura Guerrera
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One of the most interesting voices of Sicilian world music, Maura Guerrera is an artist and researcher from Messina who lives and works in the ethnic and cultural melting pot of Marseille "G. ATTARDI (SICILIAN POST 2020) This artist collects and transforms the suggestions of the rich ritual-symbolic heritage of the Sicilian oral tradition's peasant songs, in order to develop a personal poetics. Meeting contemporary music in the case of the encounter with Daniele Del Monaco, music Chaoui et Cabila with the Algerian musician Malik Ziad, classically trained musicians such as the pianist Katia Pesti and the multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Parisi.

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Type of musician: Duo / Trio, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Solo Concert: 1 sm 57, 1 sm 58; DUO: 1 sm 57, 2 sm 58, 2 DI, 1 AER. TRIO: 3 sm 58, 2 sm 57, 2DI, 1AER. Hotel thee stars. Travel: Solo: from Marseille. Duo: one from Marseille one from Paris; TRIO Two from Marseille one from Paris.
Marseille Marseille, France .
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