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Matt Hodson
Open 24/7

Hi guys! My name is Matt and I am an 18 year old multi-instrumentalist hailing from the North currently studying in Manchester! I play to a professional standard and play a range of genres from Pop, to Jazz, to Rock, name it! I am super happy to take song suggestions if given to me in advance and will perform solo Sax with a backing or band, and Piano and vocal tunes. I will perform a range of covers and originals each going with the vibe and occasion!

*If hiring 1st/2nd band - please contact me for more details! :)

Music Video:
Type of musician: Band, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Solo: 2 Microphones (one for saxophone, one for voice)* both with mic standsAcoustic Piano (A = 440) or a full size weighted key Electric PianoPiano Stool (4 legs) PA - 2 Foldback speakers and in-ears if possible*If Acoustic Piano another instrument mic will be needed. 1st Band: Indie/Pop/RockGuitarist - 1 Amp Bassist - 1 Bass Amp 2 singers (including me) - 2 Microphones and mic stands Drummer - full kit including cymbals (tuned already), overhead, and individual instrument mics for toms, snare, kick and cymbals. 1 Sax player (me) - mic and mic standPA - Foldback speakers for all members and in-ears if possible.2nd Band: Jazz/FunkPianist - Acoustic Piano preferably, however a full sized weighted key Electric will do. Mic needed for Acoustic. Bassist - 1 Bass Amp Trumpet player - Mic with mic stand. 1 Sax player (me) - mic and mic standDrummer - full kit including cymbals (tuned already), overhead, and individual instrument mics for toms, snare, kick and cymbals.PA - Foldback speakers for all members and in-ears if possible.TRAVEL:Travel details must be detailed and provided. Costs of travel should be payed for. HOTEL ACCOMODATION:If outside of Manchester, hotel accommodation shall be provided - PURCHASER shall guarantee that they are non smoking rooms with Double beds at a 3/4* rating or upwards. Preferably within 15 minutes of the venue and rooms shall be provided for both the night before the show, and the night of the show unless otherwise negotiated. DRESSING ROOM:One clean dressing room with well lit mirrors and private bathroom facilities. PURCHASER agrees to be solely responsible for the SECURITY of items in the dressing room and shall keep all unauthorized persons from entering said area. Dressing rooms should have comfortable seating for up to 5 people. Bathroom should be adequately supplied with soap, water, toilet paper, paper towels etc.CATERING AND HOSPITALITY:PURCHASER shall provide in Band Dressing Room: Hot coffee and tea.WaterSoft drinks and some beer. Some fruit and nibbles for the artist/s present. PRESENTER agrees to provide ARTIST with a hot meal, for up to 5 (if booking band) people served between sound check and the performance. If catering is not available, PRESENTER will make several local take-out menus available to ARTIST to select from and will place the order, purchase and pick up and deliver the meal.
Manchester Manchester, United Kingdom .
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