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Mai Linh
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Mai Linh is a Jazz singer, currently based in Hamburg, Germany, where she studies at the HfMT Hamburg. Her musical activities have brought her to perform in China, Japan and Brandenburg, Germany. Being born and raised in Berlin with a Vietnamese and Japanese cultural background, Mai Linh’s mind and perception emanate an openness, which shows in her gentle music. With the love for the detail, Mai Linh arranges jazz and pop tunes in a way that matches the moment. Her soothing voice takes her audience on a journey right where it needs to be addressed, in her belief.
Picture: Gabi Jung

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Type of musician: Duo / Trio
Technical rider (equipment needed): Duo Case (Guitar and Vocals): a PA, a Guitar Amp, a monitor, two mic stands; Trio Case: Can vary, as trios are possible with Vocals, Piano & Guitar or Vocals, Guitar & Bass. Our Quartet would need the Duo Case plus a bass amp and a drum set. If the concert is out of town, we would need an accomodation in a hotel with seperate rooms and also two warm meals a day provided.
Hamburg Hamburg, Germany .
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