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Lyft Trio
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Globetrotter Mario Castelberg develop bizarre ideas, including the name of his band: Lyft Trio. This was founded while Castelberg and his fellow band members Joel Banz (bass) and Janic Haller (drums) were waiting to be freed out of a stucked lift. Their music is inspired by the freedom of jazz, the atmosphere of americana and the song-conducive catchiness of pop. Always in balance between dissonance and consonance, clear melodies and spherical noises, simplicity and complexity. The Lyft Trio picks up its audience like a lift –if it doesn’t accidentally get stuck –and elevates it into weightless, lucid spheres.

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Type of musician: Duo / Trio
Technical rider (equipment needed): If abroad; Hotel or room to sleep.70rp./km driveTechnical Rider for shows (we can also bring those things by our own) 1x Stuhl ohne Armlehnen1x Bar-Stuhl1x Gitarren- Amp1x Gitarre (Telecaster oder ES-175 Model)1x Bass- Amp1x Bassgitarre2x Notenständer1x Drum-Teppich1x Drum-Stuhl1x Ablage (kleiner Tisch) für PerkussionHardware:1x Drum Throne1x HiHat-Pedal (inkl Clutch)2x Beckenständer (straight)1x Beckenständer (Galgen)1x Bass Drum Pedal1x Snare Stand1x Tom MountBassdrum:1x Floortom (incl. legs)1x Tom1x Snare
Lucerne Lucerne, Switzerland .
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