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Lucia Boffo
Open 24/7

Lucia Boffo, Eclectic, deep, wild and transmuting Artist. She is not afraid to transgress and travel the depths of the waters and the song. The artist emerges expansive from the Fuegian forests and her mountain ridge crosses the valleys until she reaches the modernity of the Berlin city. Ancestral song and urban modernity. The distance and longing for the land. Lucia boffo is the sound explosion that precedes the silence of a valley at the end, or beginning, of the world.

Music Video:
Type of musician: Band, Duo / Trio
Technical rider (equipment needed): DUO (request for other formations)1 microphone: shure 58, or Shure beta 87a, Sennheiser e835-sennheiser e838 (or similar) + 2 Microphone Feet.1 acoustic piano, or failing that, electric 88 keys (suggested brands and models: Nord Stage 2, Yamaha P120, Korg SP250, Roland FP5)(in case of acoustic: 2 condenser microphones to amplify the piano).Electric shoe for connecting computers.2 tables to support two separate computers.Sound technician (not essential)Console with at least 4 channels2 Returns (one for each musician)Space, dressing room where we can leave our belongings and change.
Berlin Berlin, Germany .
About the Artist

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