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Les Harpies ou Chiennes de Zeus
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We are Les Harpies ou Chiennes de Zeus, french (parisian) band of acoustic music (with quite a wide range : celtic, maloya, folk, pagan, medieval, slam, opera). Our original songs are mainly in french but also in english, basque and reunion creole. Our songs tell the adventures of three young women, born from greek gods, their friendship and their hardships. The band is made of three singers, and three musicians (percussions, cello, guitar/banjo/ukulele). An actor/storyteller usually introduces our concerts and comments between the songs, giving the audience clues and keys regarding the story we are telling. Our music follows a narrative, so our show is somehow a mix between music, tale and theatre. Our uninterrumpted show lasts approximately 1h30. But for certain events, we can play less songs without necessarily following the narrative thread.

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Type of musician: Band
Technical rider (equipment needed): 3 seats for the musicians1 special microphone for cello 1 table to install our mixing tableDepending on the venue, another sound system (our speaker is enough for a small closed space but isn’t really good for a bigger stage or outdoor performances)Depending on the location we can come with our equipment with two cars (travel expenses paid by you). We can also travel by plane or train, but maybe not with all our equipment (lights, speakers...). If the location is far from where we live, we need accommodation, a place to warm up properly.. Depending on the event we have an actor/storyteller with us, presenting our show and giving the audience clues to the story in between songs. So we're either a travel party of 6 or 7.
Paris Paris, France .
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