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LeftyOne is a French-Italian artist, that grew up in Haute-Savoie, between Switzerland and France. He is most known for his electro/hip-hop music that made him reach rank 2nd and 3rd of the iTunes charts in 2017. But before being an electro/hip-hop producer, he was an accomplished DJ.
LeftyOne first touched turntables in 1999 because of his uncle, that was a DJ himself. He gets passionate about this universe, that quickly becomes a major thing in his life. With time, he develops a real connection with the 80’s hip-hop style, and even records in tapes some mixes for his friends.
At the beginning of the 2000’s, LeftyOne organises open-mics for Geneva’s hip-hop scene. These events make him more famous in the region, and highlight the local artists in general.
After the hip-hop phase, LeftyOne starts mixing electro music. Thanks to his skills, he will be quickly asked to mix for various parties, in clubs or private envrionements.
After this experience, tired of just playing other artist’s songs, LeftyOne will be quiet for about 10 years, focusing on his private life. This break will be ended by the « music production virus ». Wishing to create original songs, mixing his passed inspirations and new sounds, LeftyOne will try this new exercise. Producing at first jazzy/soul sounding musics, he will also start making electro music. This is when he will meet T.Dzi, who he will decide to collaborate with on a first project : "A Journey". This project will be followed by his second album: "Summer Mornings".
After an outstanding start in the iTunes charts (2nd and 3rd of the electro charts), LeftyOne starts playing his own tracks for parties and events. He is now working on his third EP that will be released in 2018.

Geneva Geneva, Switzerland .
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