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After highschool, I went on studying music in Milan. Those were the golden years! Singing, performing, songwriting, producing for hours every day. In 2010 I release ‘Libera’ and ‘Lately’ - under the name Laetitia - and participate in the Eurovision selections for Switzerland with ‘The big picture’. In 2013 I decide to move to London - where I am currently based. 

After spending time retreating within myself, learning, focusing on my Yoga practice, digesting and processing pieces of the past and immersing myself in many other creative channels, I am finally ready to share new music that collects the energy of these last years.
My songs are introverted explorations of the world, manifestos for peace, sustainable living, women empowerment and self expression. 

I hope to use my creativity to tell stories that can peacefully and profoundly shake the world. Stories that ignite conversations and have the power to transform communities. My personal exploration inspires me to encourage everyone to take a moment to look inwards and reconnect to their own values and to stand for social change.

Based in both London (UK) and Bellinzona (CH).
Starting Price per event: Solo: CHF 300 Duo: CHF 650 Trio: CHF 1000

Music Video:
Type of musician: Duo / Trio, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): A piano 🎹 - digital or real vertical one (unless playing in London - where I can provide mine) microphone and full PA system. A sound engineer. A place to sleep for the night before the event if early in the day and/or after the event for both me and my duo/trio. this could be an Airbnb/hotel with vegan/vegetarian options. Fully paid travel expenses for me and my duo or trio. Amount to be either used for public transports or fuel.
London London, United Kingdom .
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