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Kumud Tsering
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Kumud Tsering is a music producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based in Geneva (Switzerland). He started producing and writing songs at age 11 and started playing piano, guitar, bass and singing along the way. With in interest in many different genres of music he likes to blend various styles in his compositions resulting in upbeat funky songs, ballads and sometimes experimental music. Kumud is always looking for new musical horizons to explore and create.

Type of musician: Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Equipement required : For a piano/singing gig ; I need a piano (real or Nord Stage) and a live microphone such as an SM58 (Shure). For a live looping solo set :A 49 or 61 keys midi controller, a guitar (6 strings) and a bass (4 strings) if possible as well as a live microphone such as an SM58 (Shure). Hospitality requests :The only request I have is to get a space for myself in order to relax before and after the gig. Travel conditions : I have no real travel conditions as long as I get to the desired location in time and in one piece.
Geneva Geneva, Switzerland .
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