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Giulia Dabalà
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Giulia Dabalà started performing her songs alone, recording and building her pieces on the spot with just her voice and her loop station. Having grown up in Myanmar and travelled a lot, her music is a combination of many different musical genres and cultures. She finds inspiration from very diverse sources, be it songwriters like Joni Mitchell and James Black or traditional polyphonic chants from around the globe, the result is always a very unique sound. 
Many concerts later, she now plays live with two other musicians, Nicolas Safjan on drums and Matteo Simonin on synth/vocals. Together, they perform Giulia’s pieces, which are still composed using a lot of voice samples but now allow for a much more varied and fuller sound. For Giulia Dabalà, the stage is a place to share and exchange emotions and unique moments with the audience.

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Type of musician: Duo / Trio, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Patch list - Loop station l - active di with link loop station r - active di with link loop station phones - active di with link spd-sx l - active di with link spd-sx r- active di with link synth l- active di with link synth r - active di with link bass synth l - active di with link bass synth r - active di with link voix sr - kms105, ksm9 voix centre - kms105, ksm9 voix sl - kms105, ksm9 in-ear monitor - stereo return track in-ear monitor - mono return track Other material 4x mic stand 2x piano stand 2x cymbal stand
Basel Basel, Switzerland .
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