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Fly Trap Honey
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Fly Trap Honey was formed late in 2019 when singer/songwriter Alex Comaish met bassist/vocalist Etienne Currah at a Durham University theatre induction. Old friend Harry Henderson was brought in to play drums, having gone to school with Alex. Over the lockdown summer efforts were made to record and play as best they could, with single Stolen Days coming out in May. Spotlight music said 'The track is a large gift-wrapped box of nostalgia for a more carefree time, with vocalist Alex inviting each listener to find something unique to unpack'. An EP of rearranged songs followed, done as best they could from their separate bedrooms with limited equipment. Come September plans were made for a comeback gig, but again the rug was pulled out from under them. Instead, single Manikin is being released at midnight on Christmas Eve, and work has begun on an EP to follow early in the new year. 
Get stuck in.
Starting prices per event: £150 solo, £400 band

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Type of musician: Band, Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Just need a drum kit, a bass amp, 2 vocal mics with stands. Active speakers preferred, but if not then will need a mixing desk and PA too. Ability to plug in a keyboard, and power socket. A floor to sleep on and something to eat.
Durham Durham, United Kingdom .
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