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Etienne Machine
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From the guitars’ electricity to the synthesizers’ electronics, Etienne Machine navigate through the genders, at the edge of the art-rock, electronica and trip-hop. (The) Human or (the) machine, a duality evoking 21st century’s spleen and melancholy where feelings and sensations confront electronic sequences and saturated guitars. A confrontation between the instinct and the reason held by the different voices that the group borrows through sensible and incisive texts. Tied up/connected by a strong and sincere friendship, the Lausanne-based Etienne Machine are some Jack-of-all-trades / dabblers: musicians, producers, lyric writers, remixers but also founders of the collective «La Machinerie». This pool of rock and electronic experimentation brings together their close musical world, where each member interferes in the other’s universe. Numerous roles that strengthen the tenacious link that bounds all the humans hidden behind the machines’ coldness. Having already released three EPs between 2019 and 2020 and been nominated until the podium in the rock category of the M4Music 2020, Etienne Machine are releasing « Off & Off » at Spring 2021 in collaboration with the Blizzard Audio Club label.
Band: CHF 800.- / Trio: CHF 500.-

Lausanne Lausanne, Switzerland .
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