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Eric Almeida
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Eric de Almeida Aguiar, or as is his artistical name, Eric Almeida is a saxophonist, flautist, arranger and musical director. He was born on 22 of March 1985 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. As he grew up, he had several musical influences in his family. Four of his uncles are musicians (drummer, singer, guitarist) and his grandfather was a radio singer and percussionist. He won his first saxophone when he was 13 years old. However, coming from a poor family and being raised by a single mother, they didn’t have money to pay for music lessons so, he began his lessons in a nonprofit social institution called Aldeias Infantis S.O.S Brazil, where he would later act as a teacher to other social deprived children. For his musical career, he played and/or recorded with several big names of the Brazilian industry (known worldwide) such as Jammil, Chiclete com Banana, Araketu, Netinho, Psirico, Harmonia do Samba, Cheiro de Amor, Banda Eva, Saulo Fernandes, Guilherme Arantes, among others. Besides being a big name for the local industry, Eric is well known internationally and has also recorded for Gil Semedo (Green Cape), Jesse Monroe (UK), Mistah Isaac (Angola/Portugal), etc. In the instrumental scenario he participated in projects with Sanbone Pagode Orchestra, Zeca Freitas’ Orchestra, Rumpillez Orchestra, Luciano Calazans, Joel Moncorvo, Beto Martins, etc. He also released his first album in 2014, Lugar Comum, all authorial compostions with brazilian influences. The album was on the pre nominee list of the Latin Grammy Awards. Currently, he is lives in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and just finished his second album, Brazilian Jazz Project. The album is all authorial compositions with jazz and Brazilian fusion. Besides that, he has other projects such as “Casa do Naipe” which he arranges and records wind instruments. He is also the saxophonist for Yuri da Cunha, a well-known Angolan artist.

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Type of musician: Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Airplane, hotel, food and equipment for show.
Salvador Salvador, Brazil .
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