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Cosaquitos en Globo
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Berlin based Argentine synthpop/synthwave act formed by Maru Mardo Saguier and Sebastián Cordovés. Their songs are built around strong melodies, synthetic sound and dance grooves, travelling through landscapes of deep, evocative images whereas keeping an anchor with the dancefloor, portraying an intensity they know how to translate into their live shows. Their personal sound is supported by the fact that Sebastian builds his own synthesizers in addition to Maru's vibrant vocals and her filmic and self-reflexive lyrics. Though independent at heart, many re-known international labels have taken interest in their work, which led them to participate into many compilations around the globe. Their performance is also available with VJ.

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Type of musician: Duo / Trio
Technical rider (equipment needed): Tech Rider: 4 DI boxes (to connect 2 stereo lines) – 2 monitors - 1 mic stand (giraffe) - 1 double keyboard stand – 2 single keyboard stands.Travel/Accommodation/Venue: The Client shall be responsible for all costs incurred in the production of the event and performance, including the pre-payment of all travel, baggage expenses, hotel accommodations with Wi-Fi, all catering and meal incurred by the Artist. For the show: Non sparkling room temperature mineral water during the show and courtesy beverages during the event (pre and post show). Backstage access when available.
Berlin Berlin, Germany .
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