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Bronwyn is a singer and songwriter from South Africa who now lives and records her music in Berlin. Bronwyn began exploring her creativity with music in 2012 and has been writing songs with her husband Jon Moon since then. After writing songs and recording demos for a few years Bronwyn released her debut single "Ah" in September 2021. She is currently working on the first single of her upcoming EP.

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Type of musician: Band, Duo / Trio
Technical rider (equipment needed): Duo: 2 vocal mics (SM58 type), 2 mic stands, 1 git. amp or 1 DI, 2 monitorsTrio: 2 vocal mics (SM58 type), 2 mic stands, 1 git. amp or 1 DI, 3 monitors, 2 OH mics, 1 percussion mic (AKG D112 type), if available 1 percussion mic (SM57 type)Band: 3 vocal mic (SM58 type), 3 DI, 1 XLR (sax. mic), 1 git. & 1 bass amp (if available), drums (if available) & mics, 5 monitors. We will send a complete technical rider as a PDF.Vegetarian options (if food is provided.)
Berlin Berlin, Germany .
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