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Ashleigh BANKX
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As a professional performer and singer/songwritter ,Zimbabwe-born and London-raised, Ashleigh BANKX is a breath of fresh air, who brings with her a unique combination of musical influences to distinguish her from the crowd. 
 She grew up initially listening to Zimbabwean gospel music, afro Jazz influenced by a style of township rhythm that evolved in the southern part of Africa, and sungura (a local Zimbabwean genre consisting of lead, rhythm and bass guitar melodies), before arriving in the UK as a child and falling in love with R&B/soul, pop and hip-hop. “I instantly fell in love with the passion and emotion that poured out of the artists’ vocals and lyrics, as well as the instrumentation in their music”, says Ashleigh. She describes her music as a fusion of all these genres mixed with her own unique spin, while also drawing inspiration from the likes of Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill alongside contemporary artists such as Rihanna Since the release of her ground breaking single Angel, Ashleigh BANKX has followed with a series of virtual performances to showcase her performance ability. She has focused on crafting and moulding her sound. At the beginning of 2021 she was announced the face of ONLY FANS MUSIC after having won their creative fund competition. This has been an amazing achievement as it aligns her with one of the biggest brands to emerge out of 2020. 
 With new music on the horizon, Ashleigh BANKX brings with her creative and innovative music to share her growth with her fans from around the world.

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Type of musician: Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Hotel, Transport, Mic , PA system
London London, United Kingdom .
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