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Andella Shuggs
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With an experience that immerses you, Andella Shuggs is the artist that audiences can unravel themselves in, falling into the realm of an endless art. From Hip Hop to G Funk, Andella Shuggs inspires audiences worldwide through the vibe that they bring both on and off the stage. Come and take a trip, with Andella Shuggs.

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Type of musician: Solo Artist
Technical rider (equipment needed): Technical set up: Microphone, Mic Stand, 1 monitor mix, DJ. Access to performance spacing and crew the entire day of performance plus adequate rehearsal time plus full technical rehearsal prior to performance, including lighting to be completed 2 hours before performance. Hospitality request: 1 dressing room / backstage area where appropriate, bottled spring water available for artist during performance. Travel conditions: Within the UK, appropriate travel i.e train coach / taxi to and from venue. International bookings: cost of travel to and from booking, appropriate accommodation 3+ stars (hotel/Airbnb) for myself. Approval of recording performance etc to be confirmed. Interviews, meet and greets to be organised directly with Andella Shuggs.
London London, United Kingdom .
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