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Ana Avramov
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Ana Avramov is a Serbian singer-songwriter who formed her musical style after gaining the experience of playing in a number of alternative and indie bands and ensembles. Her music moves between the dreamy pop sound and the melancholic color of her contralto vocals. The solo project of Ana Avramov was inspired by the minimalistic arrangement and the deep and hypnotic expressiveness of her vocals. She reconfigures her music in an intimate expression where the authentic color of her vocals stays dominant. Her music is a playful combination of various forms, from indie, dream pop to dirty pop noise sound. Her contralto vocal is often described a dark, powerful, expressive and deeply intimate, some compare her to PJ Harvey, some with Neil Young and some even as the “female Bob Dylan”. Before her solo career, Ana Avramov was the frontman, vocalist and a guitar player of an indie-alternative band In Absentias. Band has published an EP Far Out in 2015 followed by a European tour with the Swiss singer-songwriter Cyrill Lim. Ana Avramov published her EP debut “Open Heart” (Kontra records) in the autumn of 2018 and the album has received high critical acclaim and was listed at the top of the regional lists. The band has played on a number of most important festivals in the region. She has recorded vocals for Cyrill’s Lim debut LP and has published two singles Shapes and Devils in collaboration with him while recording together in Berlin. She has also collaborated and recorded with the most important authors in the region. (Ana Curcin, Bitipatibi, Denis Katanec, Palma Voice etc.) She has also collaborated with the Ginger ensemble, Swiss artistic group that developed projects in field recording, contemporary music performance and space and sound exploration. During 2019 Ana has played on a number of festivals and concerts with her band to accompany her but also performing as a solo artist. Since March 2020 she is based in Berlin and is preparing a new album. „Ana Avramov caught me unguarded. I haven’t expected chills down my spine and a voice that will take over my every thought. I have been left to the distance of her songs and the energy of her absence band. It happened without an instruction how to return. When I stop complicating, things are clear: roads can dissolve, but the truth does not change. The world is made of honey and ice. This is the melancholy I choose. Ana Avramov is my Lera Lynn.” M. Begic, NOIZZ “Ana’s Americana covers a wide diapason of sounds – from Devendra Banhart to Neil Young, but I was blown by the last song of the concert which showed a completely new sound. Ana says she is still searching for her sound, but I think she has found it and that she will be one of the brightest new stars of the singersongwriter scene, which her new EP will surely confirm.” S. Hadžo “Ana is a superb and high quality singer and a singersongwriter. Her mini album expresses a lot of dramatics in the musical life of the listener. You can easily let go to the music and that is a very important category of trust between her and listeners. What occupies ones attention the most is the expressiveness of her energetic voice.” D. Čelić, Ziher

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Berlin Berlin, Germany .
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