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Alex And The Waves
Open 24/7

We are Alex And The Waves - Hamburg's hottest cover band. Boring parties are a thing of the past with us, we play rock-pop with a guarantee of fun. Our setlist is full of songs to get you up and dancing, but you won't find any ballads here!

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Type of musician: Band
Technical rider (equipment needed): 13 channels: Drums:1) Kick Out (e.g. Beta 52, D6, D112), 2) Snare Top (e.g. SM57, Beta57,M201TG) 3) HiHat (e.g. small diaphragm condenser mic) 4) Tom 1 (e.g. e904, e604, Beta98) 5) Tom 2 (e.g. e904, e604, Beta98) 6) OH L (condenser mic) 7) OH R (condenser mic) Bass: 8) Bass Di (Di Box) OR instead of 8) a bass mic (e.g. MD 421, SM57, D112) Git: 9) E Git Box (e.g. SM57, e906) Keys: 10) Keyboard (Di Box) Vocals: 11) Alex Vocals (e.g. SM58)12) René Vocals (e.g. SM58)13) Jan Vocals (e.g. SM 58) Hospitality requests: 3 double room normal European standard travel condition: self organized tourism standard
Hamburg Hamburg, Germany .
About the Artist

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