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Abi Alton
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Abi Alton is a singer / songwriter from Guisborough, North Yorkshire UK. Writing and playing since the age of 14, Abi has played everything from local theatres to the infamous G-A-Y in London, where she supported Ellie Goulding. Abi also took part in a 34-date Arena tour of the UK and Ireland as a Finalist in X Factor 2013. Abi is popular choice for private events, with past corporate clients including Morrison’s (where she played Liverpool Echo Arena) and Virgin. Her wedding business, Abi Weddings, was officially founded in 2014, and she has since played over 100 weddings with countless glowing reviews to boot.

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Music Genre: Classical
Technical rider (equipment needed): Abi Alton provides a small PA system which is suitable for most private occasions. The PA amplifier can deliver up to 1100W of power. It is the responsibility of the client to confirm that this PA system is sufficient enough to meet their requirements. Where the client feels that Abi's PA would be insufficient for their event, it would be the client's responsibility to source (and cover the cost of) a suitable alternative PA. Abi will assist the client in sourcing a suitable PA in this case. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the venue is suitably secured and has a safe 13 Amp/240 volt power supply (2 sockets are required).It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the venue is a) is willing to accommodate Abi Alton and has suitable performance licenses in place, b) will provide a safe performance area and c) provide a suitable lockable room for Abi Alton to change and store equipment in if required.Setting up will take between 45 minutes to one hour to set up and start time is completely dependent on access to the room. Abi Alton will normally arrive 90 minutes before the performance begins - should you require Abi Alton to arrive prior to 90 minutes before the performance begins, there may be an additional fee to cover this extra time £50- per-half-hour (or part thereof).Dismantling of equipment will begin once Abi Alton has completed her performance and takes approximately forty five minutes. Dismantling can be delayed in which case an additional fee of £50- per-half-hour (or part thereof) is payable.Abi Alton does not charge expenses in addition to performance fees for TS postcodes; where performance locations are located outside of TS postcodes an expenses quote will be provided on request. We will always endeavour to keep expenses to a minimum (i.e. fuel and budget accommodation for the night before, where necessary). Abi's Altons hospitality requests are as follows. - A warm indoor room for changing in. This room must have power sockets and ideally a mirror/ sink. - Soft refreshments on request for the duration of the booking. - For full day bookings, one meal (usually dinner). Abi is intolerant to dairy and therefore vegan options are preferable.
Guisborough Guisborough, United Kingdom .
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