Sophie de Quay & TheWaveGuards

The pop electro trio was founded in Switzerland in 2016 by Sophie Loretan, alias Sophie de Quay, and Simon Jaccard. Following their first successful concert as a duo at the charity event “La Nuit des Neiges”, where they were booked for a tour in Lebanon, they were joined by the bass player Tim Verdesca.

A few months later the trio produced their first EP that took them on tour on many Swiss scenes. Their baldness and spontaneity allowed them to play their music in France, Belgium, Romania and New York City.

Their enchanting music, a chemistry of pop, electro and acoustic, creates an intimist world which enhances Sophie’s powerful, yet moving and sensual voice. Her warm timbre comes to light, thanks to a great vocal mastering and reminds the great Adele or the young Marina Kaye. Their voices and hands create a genuine musical world where they share their emotion with the public. They find their inspiration in the new British and American scenes, such as Jack Garratt, Nao, 21 Pilots, Odesza, but one can also find influences from Muse and French artists such as Christine and the Queens or Stromae, with whom they share his official sound engineer, Lionel Capouillez who is working with them.

Their notebook always nearby, Sophie and Simon drew their inspiration for their new album from the dilemma and duality between being and seeming which many of us experience in daily life. In March 2018, the band released their first album "Drop The Mask" and they are now presenting it during their national and international tour.

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