Arbajo Jairus

The debut album of the young Swiss Rapper Arbajo Jairus is influenced by the golden era. Arbajo spits his bars on beats by Meister Lampe. "Players and Gambling Lovers" celebrates classic rap and sample beats. After Support shows for Grieves (US, Rhymesayers Entertainment), EEVEE (NL, Lo-FI), Goldroger (DE) and Laurin Buser (CH) the live played album will provide many more nodding heads.

The Show will be played with a Live Band

Arbajo Jairus; Vocals, Lyrics

Alon Schmidhauser; Drums

Lenny Wehinger; Keys/Synths

Noam Roth; Guitar

Pino Zortea; Bass

Music Genre: Hip- Hop/ Rap
Artist Type: Solo Artist